Hear what others had to say about working with me

Natalie Murray

The events surrounding Karla and I beginning to work together was a powerful reminder of really how my thoughts and intentions create the energy that pulls into my life what I need at that very moment. There are no coincidences. My time with Karla was almost magical. I protected our meeting times as a sacred space, focused on working on me and my business, because the two are intertwined. I looked forward to our meetings with excitement and anticipation. Karla’s questions were tough but needed to be asked. Working with Karla helped me understand the beliefs I held about myself and how they impacted and restricted my life. Together we worked on revising these beliefs taking me from self doubt to the ability to confidently stand and walk tall in my business. Karla helped me to understand the expansive and infinite nature of the universe which served to allay my limiting fears and engineer an energetic shift in myself. I learned how to “pre-journal” my days to create the day I wanted. I also gained practical, structural tips from Karla that could be immediately implemented in my business to take it to a higher level. Working with Karla is exactly what someone needs if you are feeing stuck, doubting or limited. She can help you tap into your deeper potential. – (Natalie Murray: www.natalie-murray.com)

Very balanced and sound guidance for many to move beyond the norm

Oliver Bobby Jobson
Coaching Client

Elaine Roache

I am Elaine Roache, a recipient of a life transforming experience through personal counseling and coaching. I knew I desired a change, but I did not understand the depth of my issues and how much was embedded in the history of my thoughts. I needed help!!
Karla is very understanding, down to earth and real, this made my transformation process easy. She speaks from her heart and I love that! Willingly she shares her own experiences and her feedbacks are practical and without condemnation or prejudice.
Today I am far more aware of my behavior patterns and perception of myself, who I was, who I am and still who I can become. I feel more confident, happier, more energized and optimistic about my present status and even greater.. my future.
I highly recommend Karla Henry to be your Professional Personal Coach whether or not you think you need her help.
– (Elaine Roach – Realtor)

Marc Harrison

My time spent with Karla always leaves me feeling inspired.
After a session of exchanging ideas with her, there is a rush of positive energy and renewed optimism that makes me able to conquer my next set of challenges without fear.
She reminds me of the Power that is within and the Source that is unending and this is really the core of what it takes to improve the quality of this life’s journey. She has helped me to focus (re-focus when required) and importantly prioritize life’s un-ending demands.
I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better person/friend/leader today because of the coaching I received from Karla.
Personally, I feel great closeness to Karla simply because I know that I can trust her. Her integrity is without blemish in my eyes.
My time with her is always an investment in self that pays rich rewards. – (Marc Harrison – Attorney-at-law)

Tanya B.

Text received: “Just texting to say thank you for the shift in mindset. It’s so easy to look at what went wrong in 2015 rather than what went right. In talking with my husband he reminded me of some of the good things. When I woke up this morning I remembered the work I did with you as my coach. Lots more to do but 2015 is the year I started. Look forward to working further with you. I still need to shift my perspective more towards the positives and in believing that the universe will provide. Thank you for your hard work look forward to working with you some more in the new year.” – (Tanya B. – Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur)

Maria B.

I have gone from moving through my day in a mindless way to wandering mindfully and consciously through each moment. All that I thought I needed to do, in a rushed, stressful, disconnected way is now let go and relax – let me breathe a moment and center myself before I tackle this problem, or answer this email. Coach K has helped me to be the person that I always knew I was and wanted to be but just didn’t think I could or should be. – (Maria B. – Texas)

Franciene Chin

Releasing the fear and making a choice; allowing my internal guide to chart my course; making a decision and sticking to it; deciding my future and concentrating on my personal goals; learning to take care of myself first and understanding that it is not a selfish act therefore being able to facilitate others are just some of the life tools that Karla has taught me and continues to reinforce. These are not easy to attain and I am still a work in progress, but oh how far I’ve come with her guidance and unwavering dedication to my cause. And what is so unbelievably fulfilling is implementing these tools and watching them work, from the simplest decision to the life changing moments. Thank you Karla for showing me the rewards of belief in self, understanding my fears, helping me to reshape my future and realize there is no such thing as failure. – (Franciene Chin – Mom, Entrepreneur)

Janice Allen

So I made the decision that I must get a life coach because I felt I needed some help to figure some things out; figure me out! Basically get some help with my life! Interestingly, this decision was about three years in the making. However, my first attempt to go this path left me scared and simply not ready. I allowed myself time to calmly get to the point where I knew for sure I could “do the work”. Those were the words that Karla uttered when I first tried to work with her about a year before. She said, you will have to “do the work” and I just never went further. I was not ready until about May of 2016 when I called her and told her I was now ready and she said, OK.
Since our first meeting my life has changed dramatically. I have to admit that in the beginning I didn’t quite “like” her because she made me face some things I wasn’t sure I was ready to face but I now know that in order to get where I needed to get to I had to face the things that had so far held me back.
Karla is exactly what I needed in my life at the time we met and I now no longer question the timing of our meeting. She is patient, she is very understanding, she figures out what works for you and she makes me feel that her approach with me is designed just for me. All the while being very firm with me and certain what she expects of me…yes she also calls me out on some of the stories I have been telling myself and had been using as a crutch preventing me from expanding. I know for sure without her as my coach I could not have achieved all I have in these few months. I am now more confident and less fearful as she has equipped me with the tools I needed. I guess I could say she has helped me to really pay attention to NOW rather than yesterday or tomorrow. I have never prayed as much, meditated as much, read as much or just shown gratitude more consistently.
What I love most is that she finds things that work for me. Whether it is the simple message via whatsapp, a video clip, a book, some exercise (homework)…whatever it is. She figures you out then provides the tools best suited for you and I am so grateful. I am most grateful. I believe we all need help along the way. We all need that someone who can help us to find our better selves and Karla is it! She is the real deal and I see her always in my life because she is now my friend, not just my coach. I made the best decision ever in May of this year…best decision ever! (Janice Allen – Jamaica, November 2016)