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Getting Out of My Own Way

Getting out of my own way….. I kept telling myself this for all of 2014 as I embarked on opening my doors several times for the women who have been waiting on me for the support they deserve to take … Read More

Let’s get through this one step at a time

So the deal is, I’m pursuing a lifestyle that is totally freedom based. This I know I deserve but I feel I am losing my soul in the process. I am feeling that I am forcing this to happen so … Read More

Self Preservation – What’s it like to be driving on F versus E!

So I’m driving around and because it’s a new car I hear this sound that tells me it’s time to put gas in the tank. But at the same time it is also saying I have X amount of miles … Read More

You’re Living Your Life on Empty and It’s Time for a Change!

I saw a friend post on Facebook a pic of herself in the hospital this week. A day later, she’s home doing well (thank God) BUT the part of her message that stood out to me was “I just need … Read More

Take Care Of You

It feels like heartbreak, an open wound you won’t let go of, because it hurts too good. We all want things to stay the same. Settling to live in misery because we are afraid of change; afraid of things crumbling … Read More