You’re Living Your Life on Empty and It’s Time for a Change!

I saw a friend post on Facebook a pic of herself in the hospital this week. A day later, she’s home doing well (thank God) BUT the part of her message that stood out to me was “I just need to start doing me a little more.” Today, I got a call from a friend on that same string and she greeted me on the phone by saying, “I’m on E.” At first I was like, “huh” and then she said she read my last blog on whether you are living your life on E (empty) or F (full), really the overflow. 

I suspect, actually I’m bold face lying to you right now. I can say that because I know for sure without a doubt that you are living your life on E, or near E. How’s that working for you??? The answer, it’s not working out for you. If you say it is, you are lying to yourself. I am really OVER, hearing day in and day out “I need to take care of me but…”, or “I know I need to do this or that but…” and the list goes on and on.

Guess what, ONE DAY is NOW. Inbox me, and let’s chat today!!!

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