Take Care Of You

It feels like heartbreak, an open wound you won’t let go of, because it hurts too good. We all want things to stay the same. Settling to live in misery because we are afraid of change; afraid of things crumbling to ruins.

“Then I looked around, looked at this place, the chaos it has endured. The way it adapted, burned but found a way to build back up again and I was reminded/reassured that my life hasn’t been so chaotic but it’s the world and the key is not to get attached to it, and find things that make them feel good. Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.” (Eat Pray Love, the movie)

Be always prepared for endless ways of transformation. I deserve the life of my dreams and I stopped being afraid of not pursuing them because I got over the fact that I wouldn’t be destroyed if I did. It is more difficult for a woman to feel she has the right to make choices that support her. I made the choice to do me, focus on what made mehappy, and keep my cup full, because if I don’t I am no good to me or anyone else. OMG, putting the oxygen mask on me FIRST!!! Isn’t that what we are told when on a flight? So, this is your “life” flight, take care of you FIRST. Then you can be there for everyone and everything else.

I know you need help in putting you first, taking care of you first. If this is you darling, it’s time, connect with me for a complimentary Discovery Session.

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