Self Preservation – What’s it like to be driving on F versus E!

So I’m driving around and because it’s a new car I hear this sound that tells me it’s time to put gas in the tank. But at the same time it is also saying I have X amount of miles that I can drive before E. Clearly, I wasn’t paying attention to even have noticed that I was near that E zone. This really was a gentle reminder to take care of the car before she leaves me on the side of the street. My car is saying, “Ma’am, I need some gas”. I hear from that, if I don’t tend to her needs, she will frustrate and shame me on the road, and probably later, I may have to spend money because I made her go to E. That tells me I have a choice. Isn’t that life too? Choice. I get to decide on what supports me in every moment. You may call it selfish at times; I call it self-preservation. I know that once my tank is filled, I feel like I can go anywhere and do anything. I feel light and free.

My last car, which was kind of old, did not have a sound to notify re the tank almost on E and it certainly didn’t tell me how many more miles I had left before the car would shut down. What I noticed was how I felt when I was near the E. I started to panic. I started to get frustrated. I started to get unnerved. Just feeling on edge! I would at times say to myself let me see how much further I could go until I would be in great trouble. Not only was I wrecking the insides of my car, I was also wrecking me in the process.

Just like the car, she needed to plug back in and fill up on gas so that she was efficient and being her best. Do you realize this is the same for us women? I say “us women” because I know I see this way of operating in life where we do not show up on F but we show up day in and out close to or at E. We give and give and give and never allow ourselves to receive. In short, we don’t stop at the gas station of our choice and just fill up. That gas station may be a spa retreat, a weekend get-away alone or with girlfriends, something that nourishes us, whatever that is.

What we so lovingly and eloquently do is operate from dregs. And the slightest tip of the scale, we lose it. We actually lose ourselves. We are at war with the world; really with ourselves is whom we are at war with. Gosh I have been there so many times. Is it that we think we don’t deserve more, not feeling worthy of living as amazing life?

I am not sure what to call this behavior that we have perfected. The strangest part is that we have done it for so very long; operating from the dregs – the teaspoons of gas, of life. The dreg life puts us in a place of feeling disempowered, unworthy, undeserving, unloved. I could go on and on and on re this topic. But, I know you get the picture. It completely saddens me to see women giving their last teaspoon of gas and still not aware that they need to fill up.

I used to be that woman but I did the work and continue to do the work and keep my tank full. Let’s talk about how I can help you figure out how to preserve yourself and be and give the best you to your family, friends and to life.

You were made to operate on all cylinders because that’s when you are unstoppable, a winner and the best at what you were created to do. It really is that simple. Keeping it SIMPLY REAL.

One love,




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